Square Dance Clubs in Northern California

I have mostly retired this page.  When I started it, there was no website that listed clubs in what I consider to be Northern California (i.e., north of Sacramento and the Bay Area).  Since then, the North State Dancers' Association has established a website which lists their member clubs and very neatly covers much of that area.

Therefore, for listings of clubs in Northern California, I am now directing you to check the websites of the dancers' associations covering that area.  To be specific,

North State Dancers' Association (covers most of the north state up to the Oregon Border)
Northern California Square Dancers' Association (covers the northern part of the SF Bay Area)
Associated Square Dancers of Superior California (covers the Sacramento area and its surrounding regions)
Northern Nevada Inter-Club Council (covers Northern Nevada and a bit into northeastern California)

Also, check out Squares 'Round The Bay Magazine, published by my friends Scot & Erin Byars, and the Mixed-Up Squares website maintained by Mark Brautigam.

I will continue to list links to the websites of some local square dance clubs in Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma counties, especially those with no association afiliation:

Buzzin' Boots, Novato CA
Circle 'n Squares, Santa Rosa CA
Redwood Rainbows, Sebastopol CA
Singles and Pairs, Santa Rosa CA
Tam Twirlers, San Rafael CA

That only leaves out the Ukiah Promenaders.  You can get information about them from my schedule page.