The Clubs I Call For...

Ukiah Promenaders The Ukiah Promenaders are the club for whom I began calling first. That was the beginning of April in 1994, and I'm still calling for them at this time. The Promenaders dance on Thursday nights, from 7:00 to 10:00 PM at the Ukiah Senior Center on Leslie St, using the CALLERLAB Sustainable Square Dance (SSD) 50-call program. For information, you can email me.
Singles & Pairs I started calling for the Singles & Pairs in Santa Rosa during September, 2005. At one time, back before I moved to the area, they were the largest club in Sonoma County. We're working on building it up again.

The Singles & Pairs dance on Wednesday evenings, 7:00-10:00, at Monroe Hall on College Ave. in Santa Rosa. Contact Carroll Albertson for info.  They also now have a web site.

Frontier Twirlers' Badge
The Frontier Twirlers in Willits are actually the second club I started calling for, back in 1994. However, I couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't have to leave the area to find work, and they hired a different caller after a couple of months. As it turned out, I didn't leave, and now I'm calling for them again. They dance on Monday nights, 7:00 to about 9:00 PM, at the Willits Center for the Arts on Commercial St. (That's right next to the theater.) For information, contact Jenny Watts at 707-459-9526.

CALLERLAB MemberSquare Dance Callers' Association of the Sacramento ValleySquare Dance Callers' Association of Northern CaliforniaI've also belonged to several caller organizations over the years. Currently, I'm a member of CALLERLAB, the international callers' organization, and the Square Dance Callers' Association of Northern California (SDCANC).  I've also belonged to the Square Dance Callers' Association of the Sacramento Valley in the past, but that organization disbanded in 2006. 

I've served as Secretary (twice) and Vice President for SDCANC, and am currently chairman of their Web and Membership committees, but I live too far away to be comfortable holding other offices.

Currently, I'm on the Mainstream Committee and the Plus Committee for CALLERLAB.